A family business with strong traditions

Old iron, new iron, copper, steel, etc. All kinds of metals and a giant scrap scissor that drives 35 tons of iron through per hour. A lot has happened since 1950, when Thomas Bradal's grandfather chopped up cars with his ax on a small plot of land in Silkeborg's town center.

Thomas took over Bradals Produkthandel after his father in 2003, and the number of square meters and amount of metals testify to a company in development.

Bradal Produkthandel

Purely simple

At Bradals Produkthandel, we have a clear strategy for staying competitive: high quality, low costs, consistent quality, high environmental safety and the straight path to personal contact topped off with extensive service. This has been the case since 1950, and the concept continues.

Direct command path for regular business customers

When you, as a regular business customer, call Bradals Produkthandel, you are always guaranteed fast and correct help. One and the same driver is responsible for planning and coordinating all transport. You get him on the phone every time. As a business customer, this way you get to know immediately when you can expect collection.

Your scrap can be worth the money

As a private customer, there can be plenty of value stored in the basement, garage and outbuilding. At Bradals Produkthandel you can get rid of pots, pots, pans, wires, etc. and go from here with money in your pocket. We accept a wide range of products.

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A family business with strong traditions

Low cost & high quality

At Bradals Produkthandel, we follow one recipe: costs must be kept down, while quality must be top notch. We therefore have no expensive intermediaries in the company, which ensures that we are competitive at all times.

Low cost & high quality

Shipping worldwide

Bradals Produkthandel has 8,500 m2 at the Port of Fredericia, from where we can store up to 60,000 tonnes of scrap iron for recycling.

With our storage space at the Port of Fredericia, we have direct access to 15 meters deep water - the deepest in Denmark and thus we are among the most competitive ports in Europe.

We therefore have the opportunity to collect scrap iron on larger ships, up to 50-60,000 tons, and from there ship large quantities of scrap iron to the whole world.

Consistent quality

Bradals Produkthandel has one scrap yard in Silkeborg of 23,000 m2. In Horsens, we have a storage space of 3,500 m2, from which we ship scrap iron to the rest of Europe.

As machining of iron and metal takes place in only one scrap yard, the costs are reduced and a uniform quality is ensured.

Consistent quality

We care for the environment

We treat all residual products in an environmentally sound manner. Our concrete-covered site in Silkeborg has an oil separator and sand trap, which ensures that the surroundings do not suffer damage as a result of oil residues or other environmentally hazardous waste.

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