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Re-using ferrous and non-ferrous waste is simply common sense. Theoretically, these materials can be processed and reused indefinitely. In other words, there is no use-by date on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

4 good reasons to re-use ferrous and non-ferrous metals:

  • It reduces the demand for the world’s raw materials

  • It requires less energy than producing new metals

  • The amount of environmentally damaging waste products is reduced when compared with production using primary raw materials

  • It reduces the need for junk yards, incineration, etc.


Circular economy

Did you know that by preserving the purity and quality of a raw material (such as metal), it’s possible to use it in more different ways than if it is processed, surface-treated or similar? Pure raw materials often have higher (and increasing) values. Source: vuggetilvugge.dk

Care for the environment

Did you know that to extract 1 ton of aluminium, it is necessary to remove large areas of rainforest? On top of that, about 15,000 tons of stone, earth and other materials have to be moved, and environmentally damaging chemicals and large quantities of water are used. All of this has major consequences for the environment. Source: Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Scrap is golden

Did you know that if all the metals from the 2.3 million smartphones annually sold in Denmark were recovered, they would include 195kg of gold, 841kg of silver, and 2,415kg of tin? Source: Stig Irving Olsen, lecturer in sustainable production at the Technical University of Denmark

We care for the environment

We treat all residual products in an environmentally sound manner. Our concrete-covered site in Silkeborg has an oil separator and sand trap, which ensures that the surroundings do not suffer damage as a result of oil residues or other environmentally hazardous waste.

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